May 11, 2023 –TAR Ideal, a leading technology integrator and solutions provider, and Cytek, the global cybersecurity specialist, have today announced a strategic agreement to provide cutting-edge cyber defense solutions for nations and their critical cybersecurity infrastructure.

The strategic partnership harnesses TAR’s public safety and homeland security expertise and Cytek’s public sector cybersecurity solutions to offer governments and public bodies holistic and fully managed protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

A part of the Avnon Group, TAR designs and delivers defense solutions for governments and homeland security agencies to mitigate and prevent threats from air, land, or sea. Cytek is part of the YNV Group, a multinational company with businesses in technology, real estate, and financial services, providing tailored cybersecurity services to companies and governments globally,

Together, Cytek and TAR will help governments in Africa, Asia and worldwide to develop integrated and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure, including power grids, water treatment plants and transportation systems.

Hadar Szpiro, CEO of TAR Ideal, said:

This strategic agreement is evidence of the shared commitment of both TAR and Cytek to providing the highest level of cybersecurity protection for critical infrastructure and national security. TAR’s ability to run large-scale government projects combined with Cytek’s cutting-edge cyber defense solutions creates a powerful partnership with the potential to deliver exceptional results for clients. The seamless integration of physical, operational and cyber defense solutions that we can now offer will give our government clients peace of mind in the face of ongoing cyber threats.

Lachezar Lozanov, Chief Operating Officer at Cytek, said:

Cytek’s partnership with TAR marks a significant step forward in the development of advanced cyber defense solutions for nation states. Operational technology and critical infrastructure are often vulnerabilities for many governments, but our joint offering means we can tackle these challenges head on, with a comprehensive, multi-layered approach that ensures that assets critical to the safe and effective functioning of a country are better prepared for unforeseen threats. The combined technical and homeland security expertise available through Cytek and TAR is unmatched in the market, and means that we have the know-how to help our government clients to identify and put into place the cybersecurity solutions that are right for them.

About TAR

TAR Ideal is a leading technology integrator and solutions provider, designing and delivering proactive HLS and defense solutions to detect, mitigate, and prevent threats from air, land, or sea for governments, HLS & intelligence organisations, and first responders.

TAR’s holistic and consolidated services will draw on its extensive experience in scaling large public safety and government security projects and 250 strong workforce operating in 80 countries to deliver threat analysis, solution architecture, R&D, and integration and implementation.        


About Cytek

Cytek delivers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, providing businesses and organizations with the advisory, implementation, and managed services they need to successfully defend themselves against cyber threats. Cytek provides custom service design and rapid scalability through its international network of centers.

Cytek is part of the YNV Group, a multinational company operating brands across three sectors: technology talent, financial services, and real