María Balbás, President of Elev8, recently wrote an article for The HR Director on the key role HR teams need to play in using digital reskilling and upskilling to guide a digital-first business strategy.

In the wake of the digital skills crisis and with the prospect of an economic recession looming, Balbás outlines how companies can prepare for a future in which digital skills and talent will play an even greater role.

By highlighting the importance of investing in existing workforces through reskilling and upskilling, Balbás makes it clear why companies can’t afford to be complacent. She framed the challenge:

“Due to the rapid pace of change within the fourth industrial revolution, there’s no time for businesses to coast. Periods of calm and wider business slowdown should be viewed as indicators that training should be prioritized, in order to meet future demands. Pre-emptive action from HR leaders to create a culture of learning and development, serves to ensure that skills acquisition and development will keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of emerging technology.”

Interested in learning how your organization can start investing in its existing talent to create a foundation for future prosperity? Read the full article here. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about how expert digital skilling can help your organization, get in touch.