the Importance of Digital Skilling in the Age of AI Article

Maria Balbas, President of elev8 and Executive Vice President of YNV Tech Talent, has been featured in HR News discussing the importance of digital skilling to successfully execute Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies and drive growth in a highly competitive arena. 

The New Digital World Requires New Skills 

Artificial Intelligence is reimagining industries, the competitive landscape, and the nature of work. As global AI adoption and investment is soaring, it’s critical for organizations to develop and enhance essential AI capabilities through upskilling and reskilling their workforces. 

In fact, 63% of businesses say their staff are lacking the necessary digital skills to use AI. With the demand for skills far outweighing available talent, companies should focus on training their existing employees. HR professionals and business leaders need to conduct skills assessments to identify and fill specific skills gaps. 

“AI has enormous potential for enhancing business performance across all sectors, but it can be difficult for business leaders and HR teams to know where to begin using them. Businesses should engage with their teams to identify where digital tools can improve operations and client services, and then audit which skills are missing from their workforce to implement these tools.  

Once these skills gaps have been identified, businesses will have a clear picture of where they need to upskill their people, and they should put this knowledge to work,” shares Maria Balbas. 

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