А woman speaking at a virtual event "Exploring the Skills of the Future"

Our portfolio company elev8 is excited to be hosting a summit bringing together top thinkers on the future of work and skill development from around Africa. The virtual event will take place on November 26th starting at 9 am.   

Join the event to explore how African tech leaders are creating a roadmap for a new digital workforce capable of bringing the continent into a tech-driven future.  

“The Talent Summit Africa 2021 will discuss two key topics – business growth and upskilling. We power businesses and the economy by upskilling and nurturing talent. The new digital workforce will bring Africa into a tech-driven future,” Lars Johannisson, Country Managing Director at elev8 Nigeria. 

Key Speakers and Topics  

Join the Talent Summit Africa 2021 to get a deep dive into the following topics: 

  • Upskilling and talent development 
  • Fintech advancements 
  • Blockchain 
  • Big data
  • Technology-fueled sustainability 
  • And much more! 


We brought together leading experts who’re bringing their extensive expertise to facilitate insightful discussion. Here’re some of the talks we’re most excited about: 

  • How Digital Transformation will Secure a Sustainable Future for Africa 

Oluwaseun Solanke, COP at Airtel Nigeria, will bring his extensive Fintech (Financial Technology) and Regtech (Regulatory Technology) experience to discuss how technologies like Blockchain and Big Data can drive both growth and sustainability. 

  • The Power of Skilling as a Business Growth Strategy 

Lars Johannisson, Country Managing Director at elev8 Nigeria, will share insights into how African businesses can leverage digital upskilling tech to keep their workforces at the cutting edge. 

  • Driving Talent Development with AI and Data 

Wale Olokodana, the Director of Microsoft Consulting Services for the Middle East and Africa will bring his decades of IT experience to bear discussing how companies can leverage new technologies to develop their talent pools more efficiently. 

  • The Evolution of Digital Skills in the Healthcare Industry 

The Chief Digital Officer for AXA Mansard Insurance Plc, Bayo Adesanya, will share his experience in using new technologies to improve operations in that industry. 

  • Cutting Edge in Fintech 

Yvonne Ige, the COO of AppZone, will focus on how companies can utilize Fintech to optimize processes, make better decisions, and drive growth. 

Transforming Africa together  

There’ll also be an exciting panel discussion on how businesses and governments in Africa will shape the future of jobs on the continent.   

So, whether you’re interested in nurturing talent, digital upskilling, or simply in how emerging technologies are transforming the African business landscape, you won’t want to miss it.