Tek Experts and Cytek announce new Security Operations Centre in Nigeria

Tek Experts, YNV Group’s solution for global technical talent solutions, and Cytek, YNV Group’s new cybersecurity business, have announced the opening of a new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Nigeria. The new SOC will be housed at Tek Expert’s campus in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Security Operations Centre is poised to deliver seamless 24/7 protection for government and business entities with operations in Nigeria and West Africa. The Cytek SOC will leverage Microsoft’s AI-enabled Sentinel platform, offering a full suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Using their innovative cyber security methodology and technology, Tek Experts and Cytek will be able to identify potential threats with forensic accuracy and devise and implement mitigation plans at superior speed.

Read more about the announcement in the Cytek press release.