Two woman taking a course "Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program".

Tek Experts, part of the YNV Group, joined forces with Microsoft in 2019 to empower women in the technology industry through the Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program.  

About the program 

  • An immersive 16-week training initiative focused on recruiting, upskilling, and preparing women for a career in the IT industry. 
  • Tek Experts launched the third cohort of the program, training forty-five young women determined to forge a career in tech. 
  • The comprehensive program includes four weeks of learning modules and 12 weeks of practical project training at Tek Experts offices around the world. 

Our Why  

We firmly believe that the future of technological innovation is contingent on having an inclusive workforce. A truly inclusive workforce incorporates members from all walks of life, transcending gender, ethnicity, and academic background.  Providing access to training and development programs empowers women around the world to carve their future in IT. By upskilling women with an interest in tech, we tap into a huge source of unlocked potential and consequently meet the insatiable demand for tech talent in the modern employment market.  

The Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program runs from April 2022 to July 2022 across Tek Experts locations in Nigeria, Rwanda, and Bulgaria. 

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