Amanda Hill Chief Sales and Business Operations Officer

We’re very excited to welcome Amanda Hill as our new Chief Sales and Business Operations Officer.   

In this role, Amanda will drive growth and maximize impact for our business, customers, and partners around the globe. 

As an established senior executive, she has proven experience in leading transformational strategic programs to accelerate business strategy, driving revenue growth and profitability.   

Amanda joins us from VMware most recently and has held a variety of senior-level roles at HP/HPE, where she has demonstrated her leadership skills and vision in diverse areas such as sales and business management, professional services, customer success, technical support, and education. Her unique skill set has allowed her to collaborate effectively across complex organizations to deliver positive outcomes for customers, partners, and employees in various sectors and geographies.  

“I’m very excited to become a part of the YNV Group as we enter a new era in the company’s growth. I will help YNV continue to be a leader in the digital economy by leading our business operations and sales operations divisions toward new opportunities for growth and expansion. 

 YNV is a forward-thinking company that has wisely invested in all the key elements of business infrastructure that make rapid growth and excellent customer, client, and employee experiences possible, which I will be proud to be a part of,” Amanda Hill, Chief Sales and Business Operations Officer at YNV Group.  

 As a senior executive with proven experience in sales and business management, Amanda will play a key role in YNV Group’s future growth.