YNV Group rebranding new brand identity

Big news: YNV is Rebranding  

We’re very excited to announce that as part of the ongoing evolution of the YNV Group, our brands have all been given a makeover.    

As our company has grown and we’ve expanded into new industries with new brands, we needed a new visual identity and online presence that would reflect who we are today and symbolize our dynamic future.  

Over the past few months, we have been deep diving into what makes each of our brands unique. By analyzing how they plug into the YNV Group and how they embody our core values, we have been able to create a brand identity that better reflects those values.  

All five YNV brands (Tek Experts, Wize, elev8, Everty, and Monifai) have been given a fresh and connected look and feel that is simple, stylish, and modern.

Each new logo is a symbol of progress, carefully designed to have a similar look and feel, solidly uniting us all under the YNV umbrella, while retaining our brands’ distinct identities.

“Our new visual identity is the next step in our broader brand strategy aimed at emphasizing the value each of our companies brings as well as reflect the interconnectedness across YNV Group, shares Kristen Quillin, Chief Marketing Officer for YNV Group.”

We kicked off the rebranding launch in November 2021 with YNV and Tek Experts. In addition to the revamped logos and websites, YNV has an enhanced career section that makes the application and recruitment process much easier, faster, and more seamless than ever before. Check it out to learn more about the exciting opportunities to grow your career within our family of brands.

This significant visual transformation for all our brands builds upon our well-established core values.

The YNV Group is an integrated and global portfolio of five separate companies, all sharing a common purpose: to help people around the world thrive and grow in the modern digital world.

We have taken what was already there, our winning blend of people and technology, and have revamped our websites and logos to better reflect our market-disrupting vision as we forge forward into the new digital era.

To find out more about our brands, the industries we serve, and exciting opportunities to grow your career with us, check out our YNV Group website.