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We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new applicant tracking system and career site.  

Attracting the best talent has always been, and will continue to be, central to our overall success and that of our clients. To better engage with top talent, we re-imagined the candidate’s experience, from our career site to our recruitment process.  

Enter iCIMS: Innovative Applicant Tracking System  

Joining YNV Group couldn’t be easier with our new applicant tracking system – iCIMS. It manages the entire recruitment process, providing candidates with a faster and more streamlined application experience.   

“To attract and retain top talent, we’re launching a fresh new applicant tracking system and career sites. We want to attract people who align with the YNV Group’s values and who want to be part of a global team that cares about each other and makes a difference to the communities that they live in and the companies that we support,” comments Mark Cooper, Chief People and Culture Officer at YNV Group.  

Not only can prospective employees complete their applications online, but they also receive regular updates at every stage of the process. Moreover, our new mobile-friendly applicant system makes it easier and faster for candidates to apply for jobs when they are on the go.  

And, our team of recruiters can stay in contact with applicants based on their communication preference whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp, a phone call, email, or a combination of modalities. Having different ways to communicate with candidates allows us to reach them the way they prefer and build better relationships.  

As well as a new integrated recruitment system, our career website received a major makeover. The updated job board is now easier to navigate and search, making it a digital platform connecting talent with exciting opportunities within YNV Group. 

Revamping our recruitment process is an investment into candidates, our future growth, and theirs. Improving employee experience starts with improving the journey to join the team, from job search to the application process, interviewing, and onboarding.   

If you want to learn more about the culture of our company or discover the exciting opportunities open at YNV Group, check out our new careers site.