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The rapid digitalization of today’s world has led to a digital skills deficit resulting in a shortage of talent needed to support and implement the digital agendas of enterprises and governments, globally. Not only is it harder to source talent than ever before, but once onboard, retaining these resources is the next hurdle faced due to fierce competition.

With so much at stake, decision-makers across enterprises and governments are facing tremendous pressure to tackle the challenge of finding, developing, and retaining digital talent. YNV Tech Talent is here to help address the tech talent cycle at every stage.

YNV Tech Talent: Your sourcing, skilling, and scaling partner

YNV Tech Talent is a specialist provider of market-leading technical sourcing, skilling, and support services that cover the entire digital talent lifecycle.

Combining the strength of our companies Tek Experts, Elev8, and our talent management platform Talentwize by Elev8, we have created a powerful offering to help enterprises and governments tackle challenges head-on and bridge the digital skills gap at scale.

Closing the digital skills gap

1. Sourcing diverse talent

We aid businesses by sourcing the best and most diverse talent. Our flexible sourcing options ensure organizations can quickly fill gaps in their services – from straightforward hiring through to a fully managed outsourcing service through Tek Experts. We apply our sourcing expertise to the diverse locations in which we operate including Nigeria and Rwanda, where the supply of technical talent exceeds local demand.

Moreover, we’re committed to addressing underrepresentation in the workplace through our extensive experience in sourcing gender-diverse talent from all over the world. And diversity is a necessity as gender-diverse companies are 25% more likely to financially outperform less diverse organizations.

2. Skilling people to futureproof enterprises and governments

Elev8 drives digital transformation through digital skilling and employability programs that enhance the workforce’s capabilities and equip them with the right soft skills and technical skills to succeed in the digital landscape.

Our competency and skills management platform Talentwize by Elev8, helps leaders gain full visibility of how people are progressing. It allows you to identify skills gaps while assessing current performance levels. The skills gaps can then be addressed via both targeted learning and broad skilling initiatives provided by Elev8.

3. Scaling businesses

Do you need to scale your current operations? With more than 12 years’ experience in providing tech talent at scale, Tek Experts helps fill talent and service gaps for some of the world’s most respected organizations. We can scale your current operations to meet customer needs, while increasing the availability of tech services that create added value and greater demand for products and services. And we leverage the capabilities of Elev8 and Talentwize to continuously skill, grow, and retain your in-house tech teams.

YNV Tech Talent Lifecycle

The wheel below depicts the YNV Tech Talent lifecycle and the steps we take during the source, train, grow, and scale phases to support enterprises and governments.

Tackle the digital skills gap, today

Want to capture the value that the digital world promises? Acquiring and retaining the right tech talent is the key to success.

Our talent, technology, and location strategies help enterprises and governments find answers to critical questions such as:

  1. How to find new talent and train existing employees or underemployed/unemployed citizens—at scale—to plug immediate digital skills gaps and deliver against strategic objectives?
  2. How to manage costs and quickly scale capabilities through specialist outsourcing or remote teams?
  3. How to engage existing talent and grow careers to expand the talent pool, retain skills, and drive down the costs of people going elsewhere?
  4. How to understand the key digital skills gaps and build a pipeline of future talent internally through skilling and career progression initiatives?

YNV Tech Talent is here to help you solve your digital skills shortages, reduce employee attrition, scale your operations, and develop your digital talent engine, today.

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